We create theatre productions through liveness, humour and the human connection.

Theatre Productions

  • WHACK: a Theatrical Smackdown:  two teams of two actors compete for the audience’s love… oh, make that one team of clowns
  • Wet, Wild and Too Wicked: action and water party fueled clown and audience interaction
  • Blind Eye: a solo Butoh-inspired improvised movement piece
  • Emblem: a thematic topical discovery and theatrical event
  • Commedia Dell’Arte: a modern interpretation of the old Italian art form for local and rural communities.
  • Bumble and Swung: a physical theatre production that uses dance and clown for children
  • Solvent: a fools production with a solo performer exploring the implicit self-disregard and pain that we can inflict on ourselves


Hippocrite: a two-headed hippo in this fun and dynamic exploration of the contradictory nature of people

Community Arts

Playback and Theatre of the Oppressed inspired work